Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 9, 2010, Digges Island

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to write a journal due to the immense amount of activities taking place. The day began with a visit to Douglas Harbor with the hopes of seeing some caribou and to partake in a workshop. At the island there were a total of seven workshops; journalism (with Peter Mansbridge), installation art, water science, journal writing, G.P.S use, Arctic issues, and caribou behavior. I attended the caribou behavior and we were successful in spotting a total of four “bou”. After lunch there were multiple presentations and lectures which were all interesting; however, I feel that the most interesting presentation was left to last, after supper, when Alanna Mitchell (the author of Sea Sick) spoke. I found her presentation very moving and very informative. Faithful followers, that was yesterday. Today brings a new adventure and we have only just finished lunch.

The adventure on Digges Island started this morning with our arrival; the fog was starting to burn off from the morning sun and the island looked magical. A “fog bow” (a rainbow in the fog) was there to greet us with open arms.

The morning was split into two activities; a hike and a zodiac cruise. I first participated in the hike (3 hours in total), which consisted of rough tundra terrain and high slopes followed by deep lake valleys. The view was spectacular with all the Thick- billed Murres (also known as Turbit back home) and a majestic waterfall.

The hike back was quick as most of it was downhill. We then boarded the zodiacs to take a cruising tour of the cliffs. We got up close and personal with the birds and were even able to see some "sea raven" organisms (sea snail cousins) along with some cone jellies. The day was event-filled and only starting. We now have some down time followed by a couple of presentations.

Stay tuned for further updates tomorrow! Hope everyone home is doing well!

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