Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 10, 2010, Walrus Island

Hi Followers,

Today was the most stimulating day in the sense that it not only was visually stimulating but also stimulating for the olfactory and hearing senses. Walrus Island is named so for the fact that in the warmer summer months when the sea ice melts the walrus decide to conserve energy by basking in the sunlight on the low lying rocks of the island. The reason this sight was so stimulating was for the fact that besides actually seeing the walruses you could also smell them and hear them. The odour of the site was something less than desired and the constant drum was overwhelming. There were hundreds of walruses present on the island; some were white others pink or brown. It is also worth mentioning that there were walrus pups present on the island.

Today also consisted of a dip in the pool (filled with sea water), workshops, presentations, and some down time. I attended the journal writing workshop where I learned how to break out of my school structured writing style and truly just write. I also attended Paul’s lecture on Evolution and the Rapid Change. It was very interesting.

The day ended with a talk from Peter Mansbridge (as it his, and his son Will's, last night with us). He talked about what it means to others to be Canadian and the perception of Canadians.

Just to conclude I feel compelled to tell you all that the weather here was amazing. The seas were calm (clear as glass, not a single ripple), and it was warm enough to wear only one layer of clothing while touring Walrus Island in the zodiacs today. Although to some this may sound nice to me it was worrisome. A few years ago one would not have been able to cruise the shores with only one layer of clothing and they would also have to dodge sea ice to attempt a glance at the island. This is a true sign that the Arctic is changing.

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  1. Keep it coming Meagan. I am enjoying reading about your adventure. Not sorry I don't have the opportunity to smell Walrus Island.