Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 13, 2010

Hi Followers,

Today was an amazing day. It started with a visit to Monumental Island, which offered so much visual stimulus. The groups were given zodiac tours of the island and of icebergs around the island. Upon touring the island the Bowhead group saw a total of seven polar bear (one mother with two cubs, and the rest were lone males). I was in the polar bear group and we were only fortunate enough to see the mother and her two cubs. It was an amazing site with them sleeping up on a ridge on a cliff on the mountain. The fact that the bears are going through a period of time where their food source will be limited to none and the fact that there will be no sea ice makes you wonder how the bears will do over the next couple of months until their habitat returns.

Besides the polar bears the iceberg that we saw was amazing. I actually got to touch the iceberg since our driver was none other than Geoff Green. We also got to go into a sea cave on the shoreline of the island. I really enjoyed today as it felt like the Arctic in the sense that it was much colder out and the seas were a little less calm.

Tomorrow should be an adventurous day with a visit to an old whaling station and then onto Pang for the afternoon.

I will keep you all updated.

Miss And Love Everyone!


  1. Hello from your faithful followers. Long time reader first time poster. We are sitting around a camp fire at Otty Lake enjoying your tales. Sounds your enjoying yourself. We are looking forward to the live rendition upon your return.

    We will see you soon.

    The otty lake crew.

  2. Meagan, Uncle Mac and I are following every day. What an amazing adventure you all are having! I am very jealous that you saw the Mother and cub bear, wow!

    The land looks very much like Newfoundland, especially the rocks and vegetation.

    We hope the rest of your trip is as beautiful as the first days.

    Kay & Mac