Monday, August 9, 2010

August 7, 2010: Ungava Bay, Hudson Strait, & Diana Island

Hi Expedition Followers,

So today was eventful, it started with waking up with a soaking wet floor and a soaking wet suit case. A water pipe had leaked during the night and soaked our floor, but in good spirits we took it in stride. The rest of the morning was spent looking after multiple sea sickness casualties. Besides the sea sickness, the morning was filled the presentations, boat and zodiak safety lectures, and an evacuation drill. The sea sickness affliction only lasted until just after the lunch hour when the ship was put to anchor and the first zodiak launch of the expedition was underway to Diana Island with the hopes of seeing a herd of Muskox.

Unfortunately the only people to see a live Muskox were the landing crew and the gun men. Although this was the case all students got to see the remains of a Muskox that was left behind from the previous fall season. Besides the Muscox Diana Island offered amazing scenery and wonderful sense of awe. The land was filled with ridges that offered a mystery at every breaching. This mysteriousness was only increased by the weather experienced on the island. The rolling fog and dense mist created a wonderful experience.

Tonight there was a Questions and Answers Panel held by Peter Mansibridge that proved to be very informative. The plan for tonight is to move further West in the hopes of seeing some sea ice and to visit communities along the way. I promise more to come, so stay tuned faithful followers.


  1. looking forward to tomorrows report. Did you get dried oout?

  2. Sounds like an awesome time Meagan!(well minus the flood) And aren't you descriptive :) It's foggy here so don't worry you ain't missing much!!! Take lots of pics!!