Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 11, 2010, Cape Dorset

Hi Followers,

So I wrote that yesterday was one of the most stimulating days but today was a close second. The morning was spent at an archaeological dig of Thule people. It was the ground huts that were used in the winter by multiple families (usually 8 or more to a hut). It was a magical setting because as David Gray was explaining the site, David Serkoak was playing the Inuit Drum. This was truly an experience that not many people get to have.

After lunch aboard the boat everybody went to the community of Cape Dorset where the municipality had put together a celebration. There was a presentation from the Mayor (a man from Manitoba), throat singers, and singers from Fiji and New Zealand. After that there were demonstrations on how to prepare a seal and arctic char. I part took in the eating of all the local food including raw seal liver and rib (not as bad tasting as I had imagined), raw arctic char, and cooked goose stew. There was also a demonstration on Inuit games that was extremely interesting. We then toured the town and made our way to the art shop. I did not purchase anything as I am waiting to see what the artists in Pangnirtung have to offer.

Tomorrow is a sea day, which means that I will write tomorrow for sure.

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